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Impeesa Digital Academy is a training company solving diluted business education by providing the easiest and most reliable training for ambitious small business owners & startup entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

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Our Story

Impeesa Digital Academy was founded in 2020/21 by a team of students, graduates & skilled entrepreneurs. We decided to provide pure sales & marketing practical education core needed to grow small businesses from scratch to growth all around the world a powerful, reliable, flexible and intelligent learning platform.

Our core values

These 4 Core Values defines who we are as an organization that every member & team live by, in everything we do. These values help us democratize entrepreneurship and create an enabling community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a practical learning platform by experienced tutors in a more simplified way.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help businesses from Sub-Saharan Africa (Africa as a whole) scale above critics, become profitable, envied, irresistible and loved.

A growth engine for modern Small
businesses in Africa.

Impeesa Digital Academy builds digital platform to help Africa’s best businesses grow – from new startups, to market leaders launching new business models through quality & periodic training programs.


We make it easy for small business owners to learn how to build successful scale-up/startup local businesses that will challenge existing global businesses with innovative ideas through proven Growth Hacking, Sales, Marketing & Bootstrapping strategies, then we provide community support to help you retain access & membership rights where you can always responses to problems around your businesses & meet Co-Founders/ Startup Entrepreneurs like you.


As creators & startup entrepreneurs who run businesses ourselves, we’re inspired by visions of millions of exceptional business ideas across the Sub-Saharan Africa who’re profitable, envied, and loved. We believe that in our lifetimes, businesses in Africa will routinely go toe to toe with the best companies on the planet, and win. Building that world gives us purpose, every day.


We cannot stop thinking of how to train & help build multi-generational businesses.